Why Choose Us?


Disciplined Investors, L.L.C is an independent investment advisory business whose professionals serve as Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). As RIAs, we operate under a fiduciary standard to our clients to always put their interests above our own. Our fiduciary obligation is most obvious in our fee structure as we are a "fee-only" advisory practice. This means we are compensated solely by the clients we serve and receive no compensation whatsoever from mutual fund companies, insurance providers or referral networks. We believe that to truly act in our clients' best interests, we must eliminate some of the traditional conflicts of interest that have existed between stock brokers and their clients. This can also be seen in the investment choices that we manage because we are not obligated to "sell" products. In fact, we believe that specializing in investments only is the best way to help our clients. Accordingly, we do not sell insurance, annuities or commission-based products.

Boutique Firm

We are a "boutique" firm and want to keep it that way. We spend a lot of time working closely with our clients and educating them to help them stick with a disciplined investment, saving and spending plan.

Staying disciplined is important and a lot harder than it seems. It is tough not to panic during a bear market or get anxious about missing out when a market is rallying.  Fear and "fear of missing out" cause most investment mistakes. We work hard to help you avoid them.

Partnership with Charles Schwab

By partnering with Charles Schwab, we can offer our clients the best of both worlds.  You will have the strength and stability of a firm with more than $2 trillion in assets in custody (Charles Schwab).  You will also have a personal relationship with an investment advisor who knows you (Disciplined Investors).  Schwab's website and customer support are available 24/7.  Disciplined Investors' advisors can meet with you in person and know your goals, history and preferences.  When you call Disciplined Investors, you will not be at the mercy of a toll-free phone number and computerized messaging system.