We are Disciplined.

One team being financially creative for you.
Todd Stoner, Russell Livesay, Sabrina Moore, Cheryl Traudt and Angelo Ochoa comprise the Disciplined Investor's Advisory Team. Each is committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals and maximize their investment returns through applying long-term disciplined investing principles.

Why Us?


Disciplined Investors, L.L.C is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). As an RIA, we operate under a fiduciary standard to our clients to always put their interests above our own. Our fiduciary obligation is most obvious in our fee structure as we are a "fee-only" advisory practice. This means we are compensated solely by the clients we serve and receive no compensation whatsoever from mutual fund companies, insurance providers or referral networks. We believe that to truly act in our clients' best interests, we must eliminate some of the traditional conflicts of interest that have existed between stock brokers and their clients. This can also be seen in the investment choices that we manage because we are not obligated to "sell" products. In fact, we believe that specializing in investments only is the best way to help our clients. Accordingly, we do not sell insurance, annuities or commission-based products.

Boutique Firm

We are a "boutique" firm and want to keep it that way. We spend a lot of time working closely with our clients and educating them to help them stick with a disciplined investment, saving and spending plan.

Staying disciplined is important and a lot harder than it seems. It is tough not to panic during a bear market or get anxious about missing out when a market is rallying. Fear and "fear of missing out" cause most investment mistakes. We work hard to help you avoid them.

Partnership with Charles Schwab

By partnering with Charles Schwab, we can offer our clients the best of both worlds. You will have the strength and stability of a firm with more than $2 trillion in assets in custody (Charles Schwab). You will also have a personal relationship with an investment advisor who knows you (Disciplined Investors). Schwab's website and customer support are available 24/7. Disciplined Investors' advisors can meet with you in person and know your goals, history and preferences. When you call Disciplined Investors, you will not be at the mercy of a toll-free phone number and computerized messaging system.

Our Clients

Our Clients represent a diverse mixture of individuals, families, trusts, small and medium sized businesses, not-for-profit organizations, 401(k) Plan Sponsors and each of their participants. We assist clients at all stages of the investment cycle. We help people who are early in their careers and just beginning to save and invest. We advise people who are in their prime earnings years as they accumulate assets in preparation for retirement. Finally, we assist retired individuals who are living off their financial assets and make sure their funds will last as long as they do.

Our Process

  • Understanding You

    Our process begins with understanding our clients. We want to understand their needs, wants and goals for their investments. We understand that each client is a unique individual and the portfolios we manage are also unique focusing solely on meeting each clients' investment goals.
  • Individualized Investment Solutions

    In this part of the process, we gather all relevant documentation and thoroughly review your financial and estate resources to help you comprehend how your assets are positioned, how they will ultimately transfer and how they can be harnessed to achieve your overall goals.
  • Commitment to Client Reporting

    Each quarter, we provide a customized individual letter to each of our clients that describes their investments and the portfolio performance for the quarter and year as well as since inception. These reports show portfolio performance compared with applicable benchmarks. Our letter also details an individual Morningstar report that provides specific information about the make-up and underlying assets within each portfolio. In addition, this report is useful for determining how the individual portfolio is invested compared with stock and bond benchmarks.
  • Custodian

    Each account managed by Disciplined Investors, L.L.C. is held with a custodian. Our custodial preference is Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab maintains each account in our client's name while we operate with discretion for our clients to make trades and affect transactions within their Schwab accounts. Charles Schwab provides monthly statements, trade confirmations, and online access for our clients. Schwab's representatives are available by telephone as well. Finally, Charles Schwab maintains security and safeguards to protect our clients and their assets.


When was your firm founded?
Disciplined Investors, L.L.C. was founded as an independent Registered Investment Advisor in 1998 by Todd Stoner. Russell Livesay joined Todd as a business partner in 2007.
What does being a Fiduciary mean?
Investment advisors owe a fiduciary duty to their clients. The fiduciary duty that advisors are held to is an exacting one. As fiduciaries, advisors must act in the best interest of their clients in all matters connected with the advisor-client relationship, and not for their own personal interest. This duty requires scrupulous good faith and candor. Advisors must act in complete fairness and never exert any influence or pressure, take selfish advantage, or deal with clients in such a way that it benefits them or prejudices the client.
Why do I need a financial advisor?
Few investors have the experience, time, access to information, and discipline needed to successfully manage their invesment assets.
Who are your clients?
We manage money for a diverse group of clients, including individuals, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, businesses, 401(k) Plan Sponsors and each of their individual participants.
What type of investments do you use?
This depends on the client. Investment strategy is determined after a meeting with each client to understand their goals and objectives.
Where will my account be located?
Charles Schwab and Company Inc. serves as our primary custodian. Your account will be held in your name, with Disciplined Investors, L.L.C. having discretionary authority to make investment decisions on your behalf.
How is your firm compensated?
We are fee-only and compensated only by our clients based upon the assets under management. The percentage decreases as the asset level increases.
How do I become a client of Disciplined Investors, L.L.C.?
Contact us to schedule an appointment so that we can gain a better understanding of you and your goals.

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